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New Lessons Added!! Piano Unscripted: Mastering the Keys Without Sheets

For those of you who joined my brand new music course, THANK YOU!!! I'm thrilled to receive the adoption and feedback as I continue this musical journey with my students! Make sure to spread the love to those around you who have always wanted to play piano but never had the time!!

"I struggled with piano lessons when I was a kid because I'd lose interest. Mike has a way of making the piano fun and relevant to modern music" -Collin (father, husband, musician)

Scroll down to read more about the new lessons that have been added in the past few weeks!

Learn 2 more songs by majoring in 'Minor Keys'...

In lessons 1 and 2, you've mastered the three-chord-trick, learned to create 18 chords, and had the chance to dazzle those around you playing some of the most famous pop songs on the planet.

Now in Lesson 3 of the Piano Unscripted course, you'll dive into a whole new world, minor keys!! You'll also learn how to play 'When a Man Loves a Woman' and 'Just the Way You Are' by Bruno Mars!

About The Course....

I love to learn. It's probably why I have an insatiable appetite for online course websites that offer on-demand educational content. There are countless websites and online classes that offer everything from learning how to cook to basket weaving. YouTube is full of great online resources and you can easily become overwhelmed with the endless amount of video content available.


I also love to teach. Over the past year, I began to create short videos focused on what I'm calling the MAIN-EAR method for busy parents, professionals, or those who don't have enough hours in the day. If you've always wanted to learn to play piano but simply don't have the time for weekly lessons, this course is for you


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