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With over 30+ years of experience playing, writing, and recording songs, music is my passion. I began taking piano lessons at age 6 and remember my parents asking me if I wanted to take piano lessons in 1st grade. That simple 'Yes' has led me on a musical journey in life.


Though classically trained, my passion for playing music really took shape in the late 80's and 90's learning to play blues, rock, R&B, and pop songs by Billy Joel, Richard Marx, Bryan Adams, and Jerry Lee Lewis to name a few.


In 8th grade, I took the stage with my friends to form a garage band. We plunked our way through the rock songs of the 90's and learned on the fly with $0 budget for equipment fueled only the angst and excitement of playing our favorite songs with the volume turned up to '11'! It was our escape and formed some of my fondest memories from those teenage years.

Follow your dreams and the rest will take care of itself! It's never too late!!

Family, Faith, & Career

I'm also a father, entrepreneur, and multipotentialite. My faith reminds me to live in gratitude and that I'm juggling my blessings.  For more on my professional background, connect with me on LinkedIn.

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