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Updated: May 30, 2019

I've always wanted to host my own late night talk show.

When I was a kid I would pretend to interview guests in front of my bedroom mirror with a tie and an empty cardboard tube for a microphone. Thirty years later, serendipity stepped in and gave me the chance to try it out for real (check out my first podcast and the full unedited video at the end of this post featuring the very talented singer / songwriter Samuel Tambe).

While driving into work a few weeks ago, I had an overwhelming feeling that I had to start interviewing musicians around town and share their stories and passions with others. Much like the movie "Field of Dreams", a tiny voice was telling me, "If you build it, they will come.". I pulled into my parking spot at work and felt a renewed sense of optimism ready to start the day. Would this feeling pass?...likely. Else it would surely be suppressed by the dozens of emails looming in my inbox or drowned out by the meetings I'd attend that day.

I got out of my car and turned to make the long walk through the parking lot only to find hundreds of people walking towards me in what happened to be a rare building wide evacuation.

Only, it wasn't a drill. As I meet up with my teammates to wait out the event at hand, I decided to tell my co-worker and performer extraordinaire, Charmagne Chi, that I had an idea to start a podcast or blog about local musicians, etc., etc. Incidentally, Charmagne confessed that she had started a podcast of her own based on her hilarious one woman show entitled "Let Chi Entertain You". She then went on to say that I should meet Richard Wicka of who opens up his recording studio to budding pod-casters from all walks of life. They say timing is everything and if someone hadn't pulled the fire alarm at 95 Washington St. that morning I wouldn't have thought to tell anyone about my Kevin Costner-like morning commute to the office.

A few days later, I walked into the home of's founder. Richard was kind enough to give me a tour of the studio and tell me the history of his creative command center which has evolved quite substantially since he started it 2006. Now the only thing stopping me was finding my first guest and choosing a time slot.

"Sam, are you free at 7pm tonight to be my first guest?", I said to my friend who had no idea what he'd be signing up for.

I've played keyboard in Sam's band (The Samuel Tambe Band) for the better part of six years and was hoping that there was enough trust for him to let me test the waters of my new found hobby / homemade baseball diamond in a cornfield.

Fortunately, Sam was game and we had an extraordinary awesome time discussing his musical journey going from inspired drummer to six-string hired gun turned leader of a well respected 7-piece band.

After the show, Sam shared even more stories which could have taken up another full hour of tape. Don't worry, he told me that he's looking forward to coming back on the podcast and sharing even more stories and tidbits from the road of life. He's assured me that he's just getting started. :)



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